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Religious Madness -Black people wake up and don’t remain ignorant in the 21st Century


1– Research is much better than prayer…prayer has never cured any disease, heal the disabled .
it has never discovered a disease. If prayers cures diseases and illnesses then we don’t need doctors and hospitals.

2–Studying is better than praying….prayer can never make anyone pass exams .

3–Knowledge and evidence is better than beliefs

4–Teach your children knowledge and not  belief system or faith

5–The western world is built on knowledge and not on belief system, faith or prayers.

6–Healthcare is built on research and knowledge, and not on prayers or belief system

7–Nobody died for your sins and nobody will ever come and save you .. it is a myth!!

8–All religions are based on mythology of the ancient Kemet(Egypt ).

9– The characters in the bible are fictitious and none existed in human form.put simply, they were made up!. No single proof, all available proofs were manufactured

10–The first King James Bible was written in 1611 and there was no mention of Jesus in it because there was no letter “J”
No mention of Jerusalem , Jews, John, Jesus , Jericho , Jordan , etc . The letter J is just 415years old. Can you see something here??

11-The Bible was plagiarised from the Egyptian gods. All religions came from pagan gods in Egypt. The story of Jesus Christ existed even before the bible was written .. is that a coincidence ?

12– Religion was created by what is today know as the Roman Catholic to control/ pacify people and never to save anyone.There is a prediction that the Roman Catholic Church may ceased to exist within the next few decade , perhaps when people become fully aware of these lies..

13–The earliest form of alphabet, an ordered set of symbols that represent the basis for a written language was developed some 1800-1000 years ago BC by ancient Egyptians. At this time, there was no such thing, name or word as “God”. If you are still wondering if God exists, here is the truthful answer: God Does Not Exist.

Black people wake up and don’t be ignorant !! Seek knowledge and not on “belief system”

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