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Dear Black People, GET OUT Of The White Jesus System

I dare every black person to go and watch the racially charged horror movie GET OUT. It was written and directed by Jordan Peele, who has made history by being the first black writer/director to create a debut feature film that’s earned more than 100 million at the box office. I hate horror films, but this horror is a horror like no other. The horror of it is embedded in racism and fear of being brainwashed and mind controlled. I find this horror movie to be more real than any horror flick I have ever watched. It confirmed what I always feel when I look around me, especially in black churches. I believe every black person is a main actor in their own horror flick. We live it every day, constantly being brainwashed to be slaves to our masters without knowing it; religiously and socially. Getting out is the most difficult thing a black person can ever do.


The only thing I was reminded of when watching GET OUT is how the black race has been brainwashed into worshipping a God that they do not even know. We don’t even know who created us and yet we are the most spiritual race on the planet. We cry out to the God who was given to us by our masters. Is that not where the hypnosis began? By being made to believe that God himself is anything but black.

When we close our eyes to pray, we imagine a white God in the form of a white Jesus. Even though we are black, it’s impossible for us to imagine that our saviour could have been black too, because our dark skin can never be associated with power, majesty and holiness. We find it hard to even consider we may be the same skin colour as the Son of the all-powerful God, the creator. If you want to upset black people when it comes to their religion, tell them that he who created them is also like them, black. They will call you a blasphemer and worse. They will think you have gone mad or you have been taken over by demons. Not their saviour, he could not possibly be dark skinned.

If they get to a place where they can not prove that Jesus was white, they will resort to saying that Jesus’ colour doesn’t matter after all. They have never had a problem with Jesus being white, but they sure will find it disturbing that he could have been black. When faced with the slightest possibility that Jesus could have been black, black people would rather say Jesus transcends skin colour and racial divisions. They will tell you if that’s the case, Jesus has no colour. They will rather have Jesus being colourless than black because if Jesus was indeed black, he is not worth praying to or worshipping. To them, if Jesus can not be white, he can not be black either. Jesus being black is the ultimate abomination for the black race. Is that not what it means to be brain-dead spiritually.

Imagine if every black person on this planet would GET OUT of the system and connect to who they really are. The system which tells them that God is white or rather his Son is white. Getting out would mean self-denial. Getting out would actually hurt, because it will be like a war within yourself, fighting everything you have ever believed. You would be fought very hard, especially by your own black brothers who will see your getting out as a threat to everything they have been taught. They would see you as a demon trying to send them to hell. If every black man would be unhypnotized and start believing they were created in the very image of God, in everything, then they would never look at the world the same again.


At some point in our lives, subconsciously we have all wanted to be somewhat white. It’s hard to admit this because deep within us, we still have a little shred of self-love and dignity that we were born with before the indoctrination and brainwashing. We may not admit it because admitting it makes us own up to how cursed we are as a people. Admitting it means we have to do something about it and GET OUT. Our ultimate goal in life is to be like white people, we imitate them as much as we possibly can. How can we not, even our Jesus is a white man. The more we become like white people, the more we believe we have made it in life and the more our world becomes comfortable. It is rooted in all of us, it’s subconscious. We don’t even know it because we have been brainwashed to the extent that we are as good as brain-dead and have no idea who we are or where we came from.

If black people believed their God is black just like them, they would never have that inner subconscious desire to want to be like white men. They would never have the desire to fight to be accepted by white men. No black person would laugh at someone because they are too dark. No black person would ever imitate the accents of white people and think it was cool to speak white. No black woman would wear a weave or despise her hair. No black woman would ever bleach her skin. Black people would actually love being black. Imagine what that would mean for the black race.

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