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Africans don’t need Religion.

 Africans, African diasporans, and Latin Americans are probably the most religious people. The  is because  every child born in Africa or to an African parents or decent  passes through a process of indoctrination either at home or at school..According to Leo Igue, a renowed humanist “Africans go through religious indoctrination from cradle to grave. Africans are not allowed by family, society and the state to think, reason or live outside the religious box. In Africa religion is by force, not by choice. Religion is by compulsion and not according to one’s conscience. Africans are brought up to believe that there is NO alternative to religion, when in fact there is”At a very early and impressionable age, infants are taught to recite meaningless syllables called prayers. Children are brainwashed by parents with various religious and spiritual myths. Their minds are infused with all sorts of religious dogmas. Parents ensure that children are brought up in their faith — the faith of the family and the faith of their parents. Children are taught to believe and follow, and not to question religious teachings even when there is every reason to do so.

In medieval times, among European (white) people, the church/religion was used to keep certain members of society down. I.e. the poor were taught that what they lack in money, they have in spirit or will gain in spirit in heaven. That there is a natural order and some people are born poor/meant to be poor so as not to be corrupted by the material world.This same diatribe was fed to continental Africans and the diaspora (and also other minorities) for centuries during and after slavery.

Religion is often a form of control. Take for example ,the Spread of Christianity in Europe was forced onto people . They were forced to abolish their “pagan” religions and join the Catholic Church. This gave the Catholic Church immense power. Similarly in most parts of Africa missionaries help to spread the religion which also teaches European supremacy whether intentional or unintentional. People essentially worship a deity that looks European. What normally happens is that the people will favor Europeans socially and culturally. This form of control is most evident when Pastors and Priest talk about global and local politics. Many horrific events such as the treatment of “witch children” can be directly linked to religious beliefs

Africans are so religious, on purpose, to help control the population. The African content has the most natural resources in the world, however it also has most of the poorest countries. Western Europe in contrast has far less natural resources but has the most wealthiest countries in the world. Coincidentally European countries like Germany and France have a high number of Atheist. In general poorer people tend to be more religious, in part to combat hopelessness, but mainly to control the population.


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