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Is Critical Thinking Un-African?

Critical thinking teaches people to think reflectively and independently in order to make thoughtful decisions. It uses  credible evidences to objectively analyse facts  to form a judgement and make thoughtful decisions.  One simply way to analogies critical thinking is the case of an auto mechanic student . If you teach …

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Africans don’t need Religion.

 Africans, African diasporans, and Latin Americans are probably the most religious people. The  is because  every child born in Africa or to an African parents or decent  passes through a process of indoctrination either at home or at school..According to Leo Igue, a renowed humanist “Africans go through religious indoctrination from …

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Jesus Christ did not Exist or Prove it if he does!!!

Jesus Christ did not Exist or Prove it if he does!!! There is no  single evidence that Jesus actually existed as a historical person. Some Biblical scholars have concluded that Jesus is totally mythological—a melding of Jewish, Hellenistic and pagan religion. Other scholars say the stories of Jesus are “historicalized …

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