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Jesus Christ did not Exist or Prove it if he does!!!

Jesus Christ did not Exist or Prove it if he does!!! There is no  single evidence that Jesus actually existed as a historical person. Some Biblical scholars have concluded that Jesus is totally mythological—a melding of Jewish, Hellenistic and pagan religion. Other scholars say the stories of Jesus are “historicalized …

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GOD DID NOT SAVE GRENFELL TOWER RESIDENTS IN LONDON Over 90% of people who died/burnt alive in Grenfell Tower in London on the 14 June 2017 were poor Christians/Muslims who attend church/Mosque regularly …Yet they were all burnt alive… .Children were among the dead.. Why didn’t “God”,Jesus,Allah,etc saved them?.. Don’t …

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Religion is Africa’s Biggest Problem

Religion continues to be a necessity in the life of nearly all Africans. Religion is compulsory in Africa, and as a child you are indoctrinated to accept your parents religion. You are also presented with the image of a white man as your saviour who died  and was crucified for …

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Church Brainwashing of Black People

Every Sunday black people worldwide pack themselves in a hall to be brainwashed by religious leaders who themselves were brainwashed into a religion they know nothing about. They gather themselves to worship an image of a white man, European, named Jesus the Christ, A mythological figure  created from a pagan …

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